Wednesday, July 21, 2010

mari bekerja kerajaan!!!

ok berikut adalah antara sebab kenapa rakyat malaysia
(terutama yg tgh menganggur)

nk sgt bekerja aku pon naaakkkk jugaakkkkkk!!!!

1.Elaun perumahan

2.Cost of living allowance (COLA)

3. Imbuhan tetap khidmat awam (Itka)

4. Kenaikan gaji setiap tahun

5. Kemudahan pinjaman komputer dan kenderaan

6. Cuti tahunan mengikut kelayakan

7. Cuti bersalin

8. Pinjaman perumahan

9. Caruman KWSP atau pencen

10. Bersara pada umur 58 tahun

11. Peluang kenaikan pangkat

12. Peluang melanjutkan pelajaran

13.Peluang untuk berkursus dari semasa ke semasa

14. Lebih banyak masa diluangkan bersama keluarga

Yang paling penting--->kerja rilek..ofis hour..time keje boleh mkn..dipandang boleh sembang2..
cukup bulan dpt gaji!!!!

ni plak adalah selingan daripada tajuk utama..

time to kontrol ayu!!!yeaahhh!!!
tanx to cik liza sbb amek gmbr kitorang yg cun ni~

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Miss my........

sape yg tau je akan gelak ngn tajuk tu...tettttttt~
dh lame x hupdate belog..
sbb skang dh dapat keje!!!
yeay!!!tahniah kpd diri sendiri!!!
so xde mase la nk hupdate..
blk umah je mkn pastu mengangkang kt tilam..
tp xleh mengangkang besa2 nnt ain ngn liza marah sbb masuk kwsn dorang..wuwuwu!!!

eh sebut name ain n liza...dorang ni la key point entry aku sbnrnye..
best sgt ke budak 2 org ni???
kite bersusah senang bersama..
gelak bersama...
nangis bersama...
tido bersama....
masak bersama...
makan bersama...
mengumpat bersama...errr~

tp pasni ain dh nk kawen...
nk tinggalkan kitorang...sedih2~
liza ko jgn kawen lg!!!!tunggu aku dulu!!!
kite kawen kawen ngn ko!

liza...nape ko mcm cun je dlm gmbr ni??jeles2
ain...nape mate ko tibe2 jd sepet??dh jd mcm mate daus ke??haha
aku...apsal aku nye muke npk sgt kecik ni..musykil2~

tagline umah:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

saya perasan siri 2

ok hari ni im officiallny in love with david villa..
cinta pandang pertama okay!!!
dh lame i dgr name u tp x trase plak nk tau sape orgnye..
ari ni trgerak ati nk google image..
nah kau!!!ensem rupenye..adeh..
kan dah...
encik villa..nape u punye janggut tu choooomel sgt...
eh..alamak..encik klose ngn encik ballack jgn sedih..
both of u still in my ade org baru je la..
xpe kn korang kongsi duk dlm my heart..lalala~
org ckp sharing is fun..
ape kejadahnye fun pon aku x tau..

david villa
umo 29 tahun
player untuk spain
jersi no 7
position jd striker(org jd striker mcm rmai ensem je)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pesanan untuk para penganggur..

Wahai penganggur sekelian alam..
sila pegi amek pen dan kertas..
pastu bace entry ni pastu amek key point...
tu pon kalo korang dh xnk jd penganggur lg la..
kalo seronok jd penganggur lg xyah bace.
g tido sane!

Here are some tips for all of the 'penganggur' during your interview session.
looks like just a small matter but it will create a big decision by the interviewer
so take note!

(x cantik xpe tp kne pndai kasi pelik je ayat ni)
say whatever you like but good grooming gives candidates a great advantage. To me, this is a simple principle. People that take time to choose what to wear for interviews are serious job seekers and give respect to the occasion. So, I say thumbs up to ladies that wear make-up and men that choose to wear a tie even in a hot day. Nothing beats a good first impression!

2.Display a “likeable” disposition
(buat muka berminat..jgn muka sposen je)
likeable does not mean being charming or cute or making attempts to flirt with the interviewer. It simply means wearing a genuine smile, be polite, make the right greetings, wait before you are asked to sit, good eye contact and etc. No one is totally comfortable with strangers, including the interviewers. A smile can melt ice and it’s true. So before any question is asked and you managed to break the ice and reduce some tension in the air, you probably won half of the battle!

3.Good posture
(duduk tu kasi straight..jgn duduk malas..jgn duk sandar cm bos plak)
do not underestimate the power of good posture. It projects the person’s energy and enthusiasm. If you can’t even sit upright during an interview, you probably can’t do that on any occasion. This reason alone may not cut you off immediately but you certainly would not want the interviewer to have second thoughts about you just because your posture bothers him/her.

4.Clear expression of thoughts
(kire kne pandai explain la..susah aku nk cri key point)
verbal communication is key to a successful interview. You may have a lot of knowledge and experience but if you are unable to express out clearly, you lose marks. Technical people such as Programmers and Engineers seem to struggle quite a bit in this aspect. To be able to explain clearly is a skill. If you know this is your weakness, my advice is that you take time to practice at home. Write your thoughts down or find a partner to practice. If your partner can’t understand what you are sharing, most likely the interviewer won’t.

5.Quiet confidence
(kne byk tau n yakin bile nk ckp..jgn tergagap plak)
Being confident does not mean you have to shout every word you speak. Quiet confidence comes from within. If you know your stuff and able to explain it well, you will naturally exudes confidence. In other words, this ties closely with what you know and your ability to communicate that.

6.Answer the questions posed
(jwb soalan yg ditanya..kalo x paham soalan..tnye blk.jgn assume je..hoho)
seems an easy feat, isn’t it? Unfortunately, some candidates choose to give answers to their own questions. And it can be rather embarrassing because it means two things: either you are not listening or you did listen but were not able to comprehend what was asked. My advice is if in doubt, do not be afraid to ask the interviewer to clarify the question.

7.Listen then speak
(jgn menyampuk ok!)
although in an interview setting, the candidates are expected to speak more than the interviewer but that does not mean you do not know when to stop and listen. Speak up only when you are given the cue. A bad habit is when the candidate interjects on every sentence or trying to finish off the question by the interviewer. Or worst still, risked being remarked as long-winded.

8.A few good stories
(cerita sket pasal pengalaman keje ke..jgn cite mase kecik2 plak)
arm yourself with some good stories. Questions such as “What was your greatest achievement?” “Please elaborate a challenging task that you managed to overcome” and the like are common questions to be expected. Be prepared to tell a story or two from your past.

9.Good preparation
(study sket pasal company tu..bwk ape2 yg patut.jgn dtg melenggang je)
it means you bring along your updated resume, photo, original and copied certificates, and other related documents. It also means you know exactly the job scope, the company background, products and services and etc. you are being interviewed for. So that whenever the interviewer asked you about any of these, you are more than ready to give a good answer.

10.Ask appropriate questions
(tanye je ape2 pasal keje tu..environment keje ke..)
I appreciate candidates that ask questions, albeit appropriate ones. That shows the candidate had done some thorough thinking before the interview, an indication that he/she is serious about the job.

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